Investments & Savings

The Seagate team has a wealth of experience in providing advice on all aspects of investments and savings options. Whether you are new to the world of savings or have an existing investment portfolio, we are here to help you.

With banks offering low interest rates, simply putting surplus money into a standard savings account will not see a return above the rate of inflation.

As financial advisers we provide a range of flexible, cost effective savings schemes from some of the worlds’ leading product providers, such as Prudential International and Quilters. The products offered by these companies allow you to achieve the growth you want, but just as importantly are fully tax compliant here in Spain.

Many ex-pats are unaware that their UK based savings like ISAs, Premium Bonds and other NS&I products are not suitable for Spanish residents. These products could potentially lead you to unwittingly break tax laws that can lead to large, unexpected fines. Even simply leaving money in your UK bank account can create complex reporting requirements that can easily be avoided.

More and more people are looking for alternative ways to save for the future, whether that’s education fees for children or grandchildren, that dream holiday or a sports car, or simply to supplement their retirement provision.

Seagate can tailor make the savings solution that works best for you and the lifestyle you deserve. Our clients expect and deserve excellent and timely services and support.

If you have an investment, but no adviser, then we can help to get your portfolio back on the right track.

We deliver UK best practice in Spain and always put our clients´ needs and priorities first.

We are truly independent with access to UK and European regulated investment funds. This enables us to deliver savings solutions across multiple jurisdictions providing a complete range of products to ensure your peace of mind.

Ultimately with the right financial advice and regular reviews you can work towards and achieve your financial goals.